Sunday, December 20, 2009


I love new experiences. When we get older, novel experiences are fewer and harder to come by. Once we experience something new, the next time, that thing loses its magic and we're no longer spellbound as before. Instead, we grow to expect the same old things happening all over again and the novelty wears off. We lose the childlike wonder that we once had.

The point is, I'll never forget my first experience of entering a nightclub and attending a gig! The waiting time was agonizing though. I was so mesmerized staring at the psychedelic strobe lights hanging from the ceiling, and every atom of my body seemed to be pulsating in time to the music.

Then, Lenka stepped onto the stage and it was worth the wait. We were wowed with her pitch perfect vocals and how cute and charming she was. It was an amazing feeling singing along with a bunch of strangers who loved Lenka too. She did a cover of the Cure's Friday I'm in love, which drove the older crowd wild.( anyway we Singaporeans are still pretty tame compared to our more spontaneous counterparts in the neighbouring countries) At the end, she sang acapella, with the world war 2 radio transmission crackling in the background. It was rather unsettling, as her mournful voice echoed throughout the room.

Watching her perform live made me adore her even more. She's like a modern day Peter Pan.
Her voice is so refreshingly unique and her songs are just the right mix of bubblegum and spice. Everything about her screams quirkiness: the way she pounds away at the keyboard and shakes her shoulders to the beat, the gorgeous cover art on her album, her original music videos, the beautifully decorated paper butterfly stuck on her keyboard...

Sound people

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