Sunday, December 4, 2011

In my head I'd imagine how our days would play out, perfectly idyllic and unapologetic

we'd linger over cake and warm coffee in tiny cafes tucked away in shophouses, giddy with excitement on having stumbled upon another gem. we'd traverse the streets, wanting to document every single beautiful thing, seeing the city for so much that it could be and more. at night we'd sit by the river dangling our legs over the black waters eating ice cream that we bought on a whim from the pushcart uncle. and of course, we'd wander around bookstores, greeting the books like old friends, picking up our favorite copies and quoting passages to each other because only words can affect us so profoundly. i'd look right into your eyes, without any trace of fear, which is something i can't do with anyone else.  you'd see into the very core of me, and your quiet understanding would be enough, would make me somehow whole

that is, if i even find you at all

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