Thursday, October 18, 2012


What You Are, She'll Be from EM on Vimeo.

An anti-smoking ad that we did for Health Promotion Board (HPB)

Some behind-the-scenes!
The directors Jayne and Luna


Wen Xin said...

That's a really well made video.

EM said...

Aww thanks wen xin! i didn't know you read this

Wen Xin said...

Hopped from obscured's website to your tumblr and to here. Haha. I love the transition from the little kid throwing the clothes to her twirling in front of the mirror. Love the concept too.

How was the shoot process like?

EM said...

Haha, amazingly, the shoot process went quite smoothly! we filmed with a DSLR, under four hours, and we had a really good actress (Nicole's 7-year old sister) We had a few sequences for her to do, so we just told her to have fun and let loose, that's probably why she was so natural on-set. Working with kids is hard tho, so we had to let her do what she wanted and keep the camera rolling.

Logistics was more of a hassle this time, in terms of getting the perfect location and actress. Also, we spent more time staging the shot though, choosing the color palette and trying to decorate the place and make it look pretty. the place was in a shophouse in geylang btw! haha, what else do you want to know?

Wen Xin said...

That's all hehe. Thanks for sharing ^^