Wednesday, November 21, 2012

28th July:
I am at the playground with my little brother, when I notice this boy, about 7 years, and a little girl, who's about 5 years. He looks at her, steadying her to make sure she doesn't fall down, and even when he's far away kicking a ball with his friends, he's still looking out for her. She wanders off to sit by herself in a corner, and I watch, as he leaves his friends to sit down beside her. He goes: " You're so cute. I like you." And all the while she remains silent, shyly looking up at him. The boy keeps  pressing her to say something, till she finally does. Listening to their childish voices, and their high-pitched laughter, and suddenly I'm overcome with a bout of wistfulness at the innocence and sweetness of it, and I think, perhaps this is love in its purest form

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