Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Fish

The film Big Fish centres around Edward Bloom, a dreamer and a charmer from a small town, and his son, William Bloom. What makes Edward Bloom so extraordinary is his knack of telling stories.Tall tales are spun, ranging from the fanciful to the downright bizarre, until everyone who knows him is spellbound by his stories and adventures. Except for his son, that is. Ever the skeptic, he stubbornly refuses to believe in the stories, and constantly demands for Edward to tell the truth. In a way, William cannot see who his father really is, underneath the glittering, distracting facade of his stories. Finally, as his father lies on his deathbed, he learns to appreciates the tales and myths surrounding him, because they are a part of his father. In the end, Edward Bloom transforms into a sort of legend himself.

Magical and charmingly captivating, this film boasts visually stunning cinematic sequences that will leave the audience completely enthralled. Thanks to the influence of filmmaker Tim Burton, there is an otherworldly, mystical, wondrously fantastical quality to the film.  With his easy grin, Ewan McGregor commands the screen, with just the right amount of charm and confidence without coming across as arrogant. Helena Bonham Carter, too, was compelling in her role as Jenny, the woman from the town of Spectre.

 Ultimately, it's a film with a big heart, and it'll leave you laughing, crying, and simply moved, all at the same time.

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