Sunday, June 21, 2009

stream of consciousness

Waiting (what's new. I'm always early and no one is ever there) This is me trying to make sense of the world. It would be nice to get a taste of heaven-wait scratch that, please. don't even cling on to that faint hope don't torture yourself, wishing and waiting never gets you anywhere; right now I'm teetering precariously on the edge, one slip is all it would take to plunge headlong back down into the abyss; a sea of strangers scurrying past on a crowded platform-a reflection of city life. somehow the image is poignant and it makes me want to weep; everyone has their battles with inner demons, razor blades parting your hair crimson red; so tired. take me somewhere strange and foreign where every day will be an adventure, give me an escapism pill I need something to delude myself with; iridescent butterflies dance across my vision so mesmerising and unattainable I'll settle for a smile then; it's been twenty minutes already what's taking them so long? time is ticking down oh so slowly it's agonising I can already memorise the cracks and patterns on the granite floor; the trees whisper their apologies and oh there they are don't be afraid now just put on your mask and you'll be safe no one will ever know what lies beneath this facade

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