Saturday, February 18, 2012

4 Fridays ago : I've just taken my holga out from a dusty corner of my room and and loaded a brand new roll of film in it, something I haven't done in nearly a year. G and I spend the afternoon wandering around the art store at bras brasah looking at unfamiliar things like easels and wooden alligators and tubes of paint, picking out items for a birthday present. The music store too, holds just as much fascination for me, as I run my hands down the acoustic guitars, fingers idly plucking at a string here and there. We watch as the shop assistant, a man in his 40s, give a live demonstration, he's showing off just a little, and we smile and nod appreciatively. Afterwards, I find myself walking on the sidewalk with a cup of ice cream in my hand, everyone's moving at an unhurried pace as they cross the road, I look up at the gradually darkening skies, it's cool and nearly evening-time, and I think to myself, ' every Friday should be spent like this'

Afterwards, I receive some news from my mother, and the thought of june holidays spent traipsing around endless vineyards and vast lavender fields fills me with so much happiness I can barely speak. Later on at night, an hour-long phone conversation with gwen makes me laugh and laugh, what a perfect way to end the day

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