Monday, February 20, 2012

+65 Indie Festival

The Obedient Wives' Club

In Each Hand a Cutlass

All it takes is the first few guitar riffs, and I'm instantly mesmerized. Usually I'd be pretty much immune to instrumental music but In Each Hand a Cutlass has turned me into an instant fan, just like that. How do I put this... they were mind-blowing. 

Time seems to have taken a sort of unreal, hazy quality, adrenaline rush mixed with a giddy pleasure, drunk with the feeling of heady ecstasy, heart pounding, rising, falling in sync with the music, I can barely think straight, all my senses are fully attuned and there's no room for distracting thoughts, all I can do is feel, let the intricate tapestry of music wash over me, go right through me, and think, " Oh my god" over and over again

their music is beyond amazing


Diana said...

yessss i love Cutlass too! Pretty much all the pretty big names in the local scene coming together to make awesome music.

EM said...

yeah!! I might go get their album! support local talent:):) been listening to ' glaciers' and 'a universe made of strings' the entire day yesterday