Friday, February 10, 2012

CS206 Photostory: Flight Dreams

A girl who wants to escape from herself,  and the stifling confines of conformist societal expectations.

She seeks for liberation through dreams.

Back then I believed I was determined to lead a life my parents would be proud of;
 I would attain a degree, a job, remain a Christian, marry a nice boy

 Then I discovered a part of me that rose up in a hundred bedrooms that eventually looked like each other.
I began to understand myself for the first time

I remember I was catapulted from that claustrophobic room of my parents' dream of my future

I don't know why the pain comes back

Which was why I knew then to pull up the blanket of dreams over my head

 I would fly off balconies, jump off the tops of flats and swim through air for hours in my sleep

Note: This was inspired by the poem Flight Dreams by Cyril Wong

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